достижение, завоевание, успех, победа

to display the achievements of the national economy — демонстрировать достижения национальной экономики

to hail smb's achievement — приветствовать чей-л. успех

to introduce achievements of science and technology — внедрять достижения науки и техники

to make conspicuous achievements — добиваться выдающихся успехов

to notch up a whole series of achievements — добиваться целого ряда достижений

to pay tribute to smb's achievements — воздавать должное чьим-л. достижениям

to popularize the achievements — популяризировать (чьи-л.) достижения

to sum up the achievements — суммировать достижения, обобщать достижения

to undercut achievements — умалять значение достижений

to undersell one's political achievements — принижать свои успехи в области политики

to win great achievements — добиваться больших успехов

- achievement of mutually acceptable and effective agreements
- brilliant achievement
- considerable achievement
- conspicuous achievement
- crowning achievement
- cultural achievements
- dazzling achievement
- economic achievements
- environmental achievements
- epic achievement
- fruits of achievements
- glorious achievement
- great achievement
- heroic achievements
- high achievements
- labor achievements
- lasting achievement
- latest achievements in science and technology
- magnificent achievement
- major achievement
- memorable achievement
- modest record of achievements
- monumental achievement
- notable achievement
- outstanding achievements
- phenomenal achievement
- practical achievement
- remarkable achievement
- scientific achievements
- signal achievement
- spectacular achievement
- sports achievements
- stunning achievement
- superb achievement
- tangible achievements

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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